Texts and press

2022 Moveable Certainty

Solo exhibition, Public Record, Auckland Feb-March 2022

2021 Memory and Other Frailties

Solo exhibition, Grey Gallery, August 2021, Ponsonby, Auckland

2021 Editor's Letter

NZ House & Garden Magazine

2020 My Space

NZ House & Garden Magazine April 2020

2016: Essay, Amy Stewart

John R Stilgoe praises the philosopher’s discovery of the idea of the house as a “metaphor of humanness”.

2016 Style Edit

NZ House & Garden Magazine June 2016

2015 Pocket Edition, Small Works for Large Walls

Northart, July 13 to August 2, 2015

2013 Paperwork

NZ Herald, T J McNamara, Herald arts writer, 24th February 2013

2010 "Still"

Text from 2010 exhibition "Still"

2001 Going Solo 12

Former Wellingtonian Susan Thomas describes her paintings as like a glimpse through a window.